We are here to make your dental practice more profitable

Your dental team is about to experience a new, and innovative way to view your practice data, in an easy to understand format.

Operating a successful dental practice is HARD! We as dentists may not have had the proper business training, however we must find resources like PIYP that will allow us to manage the business side of our practice, in order to achieve success.

PIYP was created by dentists for dentists, for the simple reason to allow dentists and their teams to reap all the rewards this great profession has to offer.

We set out too create a dashboard that would provide everything you need to operate your dental business, at a glance 24/7. We understand that most of your time is spent on clinical care, therefore it was critical to create a resource that is (1) Easy to Understand (2) Designed for the Entire Team and (3) A true mobile app experience, that you can use any time, anywhere, and on any device!

This innovative dashboard solution can be used with all dental practice management software systems. PIYP automatically syncs with your QuickBooks, and works with other accounting software packages, that bring real-time reporting, goals, operating trends and the power to manage your dental practice from the palm of your hand.

PIYP is a must for Dentist’s that are ready to take their dental business to the next level.