5 Ways You Should be Communicating with Your Dental Patients

When you own or manage a dental practice, knowing how to properly and effectively communicate with your patients is essential for long-term retainment.

Patient communication provides a sense of professionalism, safety, and security when scheduling and attending appointments, especially for those with stress-induced anxiety caused by dental care. With the right methods, connect with your patients while building lasting relationships that lead to future business and referrals.

1. Open and Honest Communication in the Office

Provide open and honest dialogue in your office to improve your overall patient communication techniques. Address each patient individually and work through any fears or anxieties they feel while visiting your office and scheduling appointments. Get to know your patients individually to retain them and to gain their trust, especially if they are apprehensive about visiting any dental practice.

Create an environment in your dental practice that is warm, welcoming, and comforting, especially for new patients. Include televisions, soothing sounds, and decorative items such as waterfalls and calming lights to minimize anxiety and stress. Providing a safe environment for patients is a way to attract even the most hesitant individuals who are opposed to visiting the dentist.

2. Confirming Appointments

Confirm appointments a week or day in advance to maximize the number of patients you see while ensuring regular checkups and dental health. Confirming appointments from your office shows professionalism while also sending a quick reminder to individuals who may have forgotten about their upcoming scheduled visit.

3. Follow-Up Calls

After a cleaning or completing a dental procedure, follow up with a phone call or by sending a personalized letter to your patients. Speak with your patients directly to inquire about any concerns or questions they have regarding the procedure or cleaning. Provide your patients with reassurance and helpful tips to minimize pain or discomfort while they are healing or treating a recent infection. Remain personable with your patients to increase your referrals while also solidifying a positive reputation in your local community.

4. Reminders

Send frequent reminders to patients or entire families who visit you for cleanings and other dental procedures. Sending reminders for upcoming cleanings or potential procedures is a great way to show you care for your patients as a dentist and builds trust and loyalty. Without reminders, patients may feel forgotten or may choose to seek dental care from an alternative professional.

5. Connect Through an Email Newsletter

While sending snail mail is effective for some businesses, it is important to consider an email newsletter option for your dental patients. Providing email updates and reminders regarding cleanings or follow-up appointments is a way to stay in touch with your patients at all times. Using an email newsletter is also beneficial when you want to share new patient referral programs, incentives, or discounts for loyal patients who have been with you for years.

Effectively communicating with your dental patients is imperative to build a professional and reliable reputation in your community. With the right steps, tools, and resources, ensure the satisfaction of your patients and the overall success of your business.