How to Assemble a "Dream Team" for Your Dental Practice

Here are just a few key points if you're considering assembling a dream team for your dental office.

By providing excellent services to a community and building relationships with long-term clients, dental practices can often grow beyond an owner's or investor's wildest expectations. To really make a practice grow in the long-term, a team of capable employees can set the standard for business success, and fortunately, there are many ways to find the right group of professionals to make a practice efficient and successful.

1. Take Time to Assess Your Core Values We've all at one time or another looked over the mission statements of successful companies, but rarely do we stop to think about what our own mission statement would include. What are the core values that drive our practice, or that we would like to drive our practice? Which demographic are we most helping to serve in our communities? What is our code of ethics? How do we strive each day to make a real difference in society?

2. Hire Employees That Share Your Vision When we can establish the specifics about what we ourselves believe in, it will be easier to identify those qualities in potential employees. When our values match with our team members, we'll be better able to approach our work with a unified vision. Running a successful dental practice is never easy, but when the work is tough, it's always good to know that team members have our backs. And that is business done right!

3. Look for Passion During Job Interviews With its extensive reliance on good people skills and empathy with clients, it's no secret that the practice of dentistry can be exhausting at times; burn-out is common in the dental profession, and without the proper means to relieve stress, it can sometimes feel difficult to get back on track when stressors mount. We may often find that we're emotionally stretched to our limits after a long day, and that will probably go for our staff and fellow dentists as well.

So what will get us through these trying times? For most people, the answer lies in a passion for the work: When we're exhausted by an irritable patient or are working overtime to help someone with an emergency case, it's a love of helping others and practicing dentistry that will see us through and help manage burnout. When our fellow team members have a passion for their work, it will really show on difficult days.

4. Hire People Who Radiate Positivity When we look for employees who share our passion for dentistry, we'll know that they'll have the resilience and self-reliance necessary to make it through the difficult times. When we hire employees, for example, we can ask questions about what motivates them to keep going when cases are mounting up and stress is taking its toll. How do potential employees react to these questions? Are they able to share stories about overcoming burn-out? Do they show commitment to improving the lives of their patients, even when patients aren't grateful? If they can genuinely show that they're in the field for the right reasons, the personal strength of a potential employee may just be the quality that you most appreciate when stress-levels are running high.

For these reasons, finding the right team members for your dental office can often be a rewarding and enlightening process. With the right team spirit and a set of values that will bring everyone together to provide excellent care to patients, a practice can truly say that when it comes to business, the sky is the limit. And that is dentistry at its best.